Welcome to my Sandbox!

I'm a Web applications developer. Programming is my hobby! My goal is to have fun while tackling complex challenges and coding with style! If it is not challenging it ain't worth it to me!

About Me

My name is Eugene Qilo. I'm a hardcore developer who passionately develop full stack web applications with a can-do attitude. My first application was in Visual Basic 6.0 at age 14. Later on, I switched to Web applications using PHP and C#. While you are here, browse the site and explore some of the projects I have created.


I have acquired wide range of skills throughout the years of experience. My deep understanding of programming fundamentals and object-oriented concepts enables me to learn new technologies fairly easy.

Back-End Development


I specialize in server-side development. C# and PHP are two languages of my choice. My expertise includes but not limited to application development, server configuration and performance optimization.

Front-End Development


I follow W3C Standards to develop Web applications. I'm debating if JavaScript has become my favourite programming language! Anyhow, I use modern JavaScript libraries and CSS pre-processors to deliver highly flexible, responsive, and cross-browser compatible applications.

Frameworks and Libraries


Libraries and frameworks set high standards and make your life. I use a few of them on a regular basis. One of my goals recently is to learn Node.js and React.


University of Southern Indiana

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | 2011 - 2013

University of Duhok

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering | 2007 - 2011